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Hand-made one-at-a-time in a small Amish forge in Chester County, Pennsylvania

In Colonial America blacksmiths used forge & anvil, hammer & tongs to make agricultural tools for farmers and homemakers tools and hardware for their homes. Blacksmith's cast, bent, welded, and riveted fireplace racks, andirons, pothooks, locks, cooking utensils, hinges, and decorative wrought iron. Hammered Hinges has recreated this classic tradition with the manufacture of a line of beautiful rustic iron hardware for cabinets, passage doors, electric wall plates and decoration.

100% Unique Hand Forged Antique Hardware, Made in Chester County, PA U.S.A.

Antique Design Series - Choose From 4 Design Options:

Antique Hand Hammered Wrought Iron Hardware

HammeredHinges.com was started while trying to fill a need for unusual and authentic early American hardware when I owned the furniture company Silver Light Editions. I wanted to source a "made in America" supplier for truly hand made cabinet hinges and hardware for kitchen and bathroom furniture.

We did not want plain Jane everyone-has-it hardware that was stamped out a thousand at a time, all looking exactly the same, so we began to design and manufacture our own forged hardware. Other customers saw our hardware and began to ask if it was available to the public. And, from that experience came Hammered Hinges!

Please note that we now offer some hinges that we purchase pre-made. We offer this (still fired & forged) product as an alternative to the completely hand forged line.

We pride ourselves on supplying a unique product which we trust will give our customers years of satisfaction!

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